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Dry or alipic skin is characterised by a lack of moisture, producing unattractive results, with frequent redness, scaling, cracking and irritation. The Almond, Avocado, Sweet Briar and Apricot Vegetable Oils provide a preventive effect against the loss of water through the skin, and exert a highly regenerative and nourishing action. Furthermore, Rose and Orange Blossom waters also provide extra hydration.

The extract of Propolis, together with the Honey, completes the product’s power to regenerate and nourish; both active ingredients also have a significant dermoprotective effect. The cream’s 100% natural formula is topped off with a powerful synergy of Lemon, Orange, Camomile, Rosewood and Sandalwood Essential oils together with Benzoin Gum, Iris and Frankincense vegetable extracts, which have moisturising, regenerative, nourishing, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

In addition a new active ingredient which is obtained by fermenting soya, Imperata cylindrica root and mistletoe, through a completely chemical-free process, performs a boosting effect to the formula as an anti-oxidant, providing the skin with greater nutrition, reducing and preventing inflammatory processes and acting in synergy with the other active ingredients to minimise the loss of water through the skin. The new formula of this extraordinary cream is also reinforced with the addition of a mineral sunscreen which protects us from harmful UV rays and prevents premature ageing. The perfect product for dry skin: it provides a real sensation of softness and suppleness and promotes a young-looking, healthy cutis. 

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