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This product is made from the basis of an alchemic tincture of Rosemary, it is of an extremely high purity and has an extraordinary tonifying and revitalizing effect. This natural cologne is made following the methods used by Medieval alchemists when they made the tonic for Queen Isabel of Hungary, a woman famous throughout Europe for her striking beauty.

According to the ancient procedure used for making alchemic tincture of Rosemary, the flowers of the plant are gathered at a special time on a specific day, in order to reap the greatest benefit from its natural properties during the maceration process. The flowers are macerated in natural alcohol under the sun and the moon for over 40 days. Once the first stage has been completed, the tincture is filtered and the solid part is calcinated three times in a row. This process lasts for several weeks, which allows the natural oligoelements to be extracted from the plant and transferred into the alcohol.

Finally, essential oils of Rosemary, Bergamot, Petitgrain and Lemon are added to the tincture, providing an enchanting fresh and natural fragrance to this cosmetic blend.

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